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Lost love

When I get a chance, which isn’t too often,  I love to still create photos just for me. Photos that may be an idea I’ve had rattling around in my head for a while, or something that has suddenly got me all inspired. The desire to do a shoot like this has been their for a while but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it until I found this dress and then the story just seemed to create itself.

I really hope you enjoy these images and would love to hear your thoughts about it either in the comments below or on facebook. What do you see? What do they make you feel?

Happy Halloween

Jessie Beazley - October 31, 2012 - 10:45 pm

Oh they are amazing! They gave me chills, and I felt like crying! The emotions you have portrayed in the photos is incredible. An amazing, amazing job!!! WOW!

Aidan and Jasper

Our friends were up in Echuca and bought their two gorgeous kids for a photo session. All things went pretty smoothly as long as I kept convincing Adian that I had rice bubbles in my cupboard at home for him when we finished! Thanks Brenno and Didem for bringing the kids for their photos, and for the lovely catch up dinner. Was great to see you all.

Paige and Jayda

I was so excited to photograph these two little girls, as I was going to get to catch up with their Mum whom I went to school with….longer ago than I care to admit! I couldn’t believe how much they looked like Simone, especially Paige. It was like a flash back to Primary School. Paige certainly enjoyed posing for the camera…..Jayda, well let’s just say….not so much:)Thanks so much for bringing them all the way from Maryborough for their photos Simone. It was so great to spend the afternoon with you all.

Sam and Indy

I had a lovely afternoon with Sam and her little lady Indy. We ran and played, ate lollipops and enjoyed the warm weather….while taking a few photos along the way. I cannot believe how much Indy looks like her Mummy! She will grow up to be a stunner Sam!

Aimee and Shannon

Finally Spring decided to visit us and we were blessed with a gorgeous afternoon for Aimee and Shannon’s beautiful, emotion filled wedding. Aimee was simply stunning in her gown and amazing head piece and I loved that she quickly kicked off her shoes and did most of the photoshoot either barefoot or in thongs! I also loved their wonderful silver, chrysler limo that they cruised all over town in….I’m pretty sure they picked spots for photos in a variety of locations just so they could spend more time in it! I can’t say I blame them! I thank you both for trusting me with your memories and wish you a wonderful life together.


Wedding and Reception: Morrison’s Winery    Bridal Head Piece: Danica Erard Millinery   Limousine: A Touch of Silver

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