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Featured in I do I do 2013

I was very honoured to again have several of my weddings from the last season featured in the local I do I do creations Magazine. I was also amazingly lucky to have an image of mine on the cover again! This is a gorgeous publication that really showcases the talent available in the wedding industry in our area. A must read for all brides and grooms planning their wedding.











Georigia….my little model having fun!

I took these photos of Georgia a few months ago now and have just gotten around to doing something with them! We had the balloon left from an engagement shoot and the hat I bought on a whim in Disneyland when we were there over Summer….so we teamed it with the cutest little top from Coco&Phoenix and of course her Little Chiyo tutu……which none of Georgia’s outfits would be complete without!!! This little series show all of the array of personalities of my little girl within a 30 minute time frame!

Abbey and Sam’s Deb

The Deb….one of the most amazing nights I can remember as a teenager (especially the Deb Party afterwards)! I love photographing a few of these a year and had the best time with Abbey and Sam! Abbey came to me with certain ideas for her images that just clicked perfectly with me style. I hope you both had the best night ever, and thank you for asking me to have some fun with you before hand!

Smile for Bailey – Peterborough

Last weekend I, along with fellow photographer Cindy Power of Cindy Power Photography, traveled down to Peterborough with the task of photographing 23 families in one day to raise some money for one of the most amazing little boys I know, to assist him in his battle against Cancer. When we arrived in Port Campbell on Friday night after our 4 1/2 hour drive, it was freezing, windy, raining and hailing!!!! We put out some pleas and quickly secured two possible locations for the next days shoot if the weather would not permit us to use the beach….however both were very, very muddy. In the morning we saw the smallest patch of blue in the sky so we decided to go for it on the Peterborough beach. It was kind to us until just after lunch when we were caught in the biggest hail storm ever! All we could do (along with the family who was caught with us) was laugh!! One hailstorm wasn’t going to stop us from finishing. Compared to all that Bailey has had to go through in his fight, this was nothing! So the remaining 5 families were captured after the skies cleared, and although completely frozen by the end of it, it was one of the most rewarding (and funny) weekends I’ve ever worked! Thank you Cindy for coming with me and working along side me to help a family that you don’t even know, you are amazing!  Thank you also to everyone that ventured out and braved the conditions to support this cause. I hope you kick cancer’s butt Bailey! x

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