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I had the pleasure of spending some time with this gorgeous little lady last week. It didn’t take too long to get some beautiful shots of her, as she really didn’t mind the camera at all….as long as my cat followed us everywhere we went, which luckily, she was happy to do!

Rebecca and Chris engaged

I loved Chris’ comment to Rebecca a little bit into this shoot….”I thought we would just stand there and smile!” Not when I’m behind the lens buddy! hahaha!!! He soon got the hang of it though, and his big cheesy smile is still cracking me up! You are one lucky fellow, you have a gorgeous girl inside and out in Rebecca! I hope you have a blast at your party and have fun planning your big day!


Cute as pie but cheeky as a monkey, that was Connor!! So much energy in one little body!! 🙂 I loved too that he wanted everyone involved….when I asked him if he wanted to run down the track, he ran to me and took my by the hand and said, “You come too Mara!” Awwww….too cute!!


I’ve known Caleb since he was a little fellow and he’s always been going a million miles an hour. I thought I was going to spend this shoot on the run, but he surprised me and was a perfect little model for me! We still managed to get the cheeky Caleb grin though, that sums up just who he is! Thanks Megan for trusting me with capturing some memories for you to cherish.

C a t e g o r i e s
S e a r c h