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Smile for Bailey – Peterborough

Last weekend I, along with fellow photographer Cindy Power of Cindy Power Photography, traveled down to Peterborough with the task of photographing 23 families in one day to raise some money for one of the most amazing little boys I know, to assist him in his battle against Cancer. When we arrived in Port Campbell on Friday night after our 4 1/2 hour drive, it was freezing, windy, raining and hailing!!!! We put out some pleas and quickly secured two possible locations for the next days shoot if the weather would not permit us to use the beach….however both were very, very muddy. In the morning we saw the smallest patch of blue in the sky so we decided to go for it on the Peterborough beach. It was kind to us until just after lunch when we were caught in the biggest hail storm ever! All we could do (along with the family who was caught with us) was laugh!! One hailstorm wasn’t going to stop us from finishing. Compared to all that Bailey has had to go through in his fight, this was nothing! So the remaining 5 families were captured after the skies cleared, and although completely frozen by the end of it, it was one of the most rewarding (and funny) weekends I’ve ever worked! Thank you Cindy for coming with me and working along side me to help a family that you don’t even know, you are amazing!  Thank you also to everyone that ventured out and braved the conditions to support this cause. I hope you kick cancer’s butt Bailey! x

Sublime Mobile Hair and Make Up

So, it all started when Sarah, the talent behind the Make Up half of Sublime Mobile Hair and Make Up, sent me through an image of a look she would love to create on a bride one day. After a bit of back and forth banter about upcoming brides we had for the next wedding season, I sent through a “Why don’t we just do it now….for a bit of fun and off season learning/playing?” So the concept grew as we texted back and forth, the perfect model was found in the gorgeous Chelsea (whom you may recognise from my previous engagement post…and who can rock a camera like no one else), Bec (the amazing hair styling half of Sublime) was bought on board and next thing we knew we had an amazing, fun, crazy, hilarious, gorgeous shoot on our hands!! Although the first half of the shots captured Sarah’s initial vision just as she had imagined it….you can really see the story that progressed as the shoot went along and it evolved into something else all together! I think that is what I really love about it though. Thank  you to everyone involved for making this so much fun and for allowing me to create images I really love. Your talents are inspiring. #mindthepoop #watchwhereyoustep xx

Chelsea and Rhys Engaged

I was so  excited when Rhys and Chelsea approached me to photograph their wedding next year,  more excited when they were keen for an engagement shoot right away and then super excited when they mentioned that they would like to theme it Great Gatsby inspired!! I love these themed shoots so much. They are a great to chance to relax and have some fun in front of the camera (while I have a blast behind the camera) and capture the excitement of a new engagement. I can’t thank the Moama Bowling Club enough for allowing me to shoot in “The Pavilion,” area of the club. It was simply perfect.

Make Up: Courtney Edgar Make Up  Hair: Emma Fitzpatrick, Articulate Hair

Paint Wars

I did this shoot for fun right in the middle of last wedding season (smart, I know), so have only just gotten around to finishing the editing now….so glad I have though. We had so much fun creating so much mess in my garage! The kids loved skidding about in the powder too (when they weren’t being taken out by Mackenzine….hehehehe). Mackenzie and Lewis you never fail to amaze me with your poise and skill….Milly and Emma, your paint throwing skills aren’t too shabby either! So, something a bit different than weddings from me this post! I hope you like it. 🙂

Jacki, Brad, Louis and Baby M

So excited for our wonderful friends Jacki and Brad! They are expecting their first baby in the next three weeks, so I just had to drag them out for some photos… a spot I found that I was dying to try out. Jacki assured me that it would be fine wherever I wanted to go…..Brad on the other hand possible wasn’t so sure of my choice! A few too many cars passing by for his liking! hehehe, sorry Brad….you must know by now with me that’s it’s all about the light! Can’t wait to meet Baby M and get my baby fix, as my kids have told me they don’t want to share me with any other babies in our house! Love you guys, and remember, they just breath them out these days! 😉

Jacki Michael - July 1, 2013 - 9:25 am

Thank you so much Tam, you have done an amazing job once again capturing another special moment for us! It was a lot of fun and was great that Louis could share in the moment! You truly are a fabulous photographer! Love Jac and Brad xx

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