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Kate, Chris (finally), Charlotte, Paddy and Chester

About once a year I get to photograph Kate and her beautiful family….however there is always someone missing at the last moment….her husband, Chris. Not this year though! I don’t know what you did to get him there but there he was, so well done!! (It didn’t hurt that much did it Chris….plus we made it at the beach!)

We also decided to take this opportunist to capture just some of images of Kate, where she feels most herself, most at home and most relaxed. Kate is a beautiful dancer and owns a chain of dance studios (Kate’s Dance House) and I really wanted to capture that part of her too and the grace, poise and beauty that goes with it….not so much the leaps and bounds and twirls, but the strength and courage and determination that have gotten Kate this far in her amazing business.

Jo, Mark, Maddie, Kyle and Bailey {♥}

15 months ago, when Bailey was first diagnosed with Cancer I took some photos of him and his gorgeous family ( ), now so far into his arduous journey I spent some more time with them all. We chatted and played and it was so wonderful to see the smiles and laughter when I am sure that life is not always so care free and simple. Those smiles and laughter were infectious, as the kids scrambled for catches and explored the sand dunes……while Jo and I had a wonderful catch up in the warmth of the car!   His bravery, and his families bravery and strength as a unit never fails to amaze and inspire me. Love and every wish, hope and prayer for the very best results for Bailey. xxxx

These are his treatment beads….each one represents a treatment, a step, a milestone occasion on his road to fighting cancer over the past 15 months. There were too many for me to count.

Gangster style

I’ve must confess that flash has always frightened me a little, but when Lewis Andrew Beer suggested a shoot that somehow incorporated street lights my mind got ticking (after only one day back in the country mind you)…..a film noir/gangster style shoot would look amazing….but I would have to use flash! Goodbye comfort zone!!! I must say it was nice not to stress about the losing the light.

Many thanks to the amazing Lauren Drage of Kiss me hello | Photography for offering her assistance with the lighting. It was so greatly appreciated.

Lewis, once again you were brilliant and Mackenzie…what can I say…stunning, just stunning!!

Thanks also to Emma Favaloro for assisting with lighting too.

Happy New Year

Well, as 2012 draws to a close, I take a moment to pause (while the kids are out having hot chocolate with their Dad on this snowy morning) and reflect upon what a wonderful year 2012 has been for me both professionally and personally. So many amazing opportunities have arisen, humbling experiences have occurred and wonderful people have come in to (or back in to) my life this year and I feel so blessed and grateful.

Thank you to everyone who has made this year what it has amazing bridal couples, gorgeous families, beautiful babies and bellies and wonderful, wonderful family, friends and colleagues.

I’ve loved every photographic, funny, emotional, singing, acting, friendship full, family loving moment!


Im also lucky enough to be spending this holiday with my family in America and am thus unable to answer phone calls or listen to Voice messages. I am however checking and answering emails and Facebook messages please. If you have any inquiries please contact me at

Here’s to a wonderful sparkling new and fresh 2013, just waiting to filled with whatever may come your way.




Dian.dockrey - January 7, 2013 - 8:39 pm

Beautiful photos just love them they are both very good dancers and have a good future in dance if that is their dream …good luck

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