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Chloe and Joshua

After so much rain on the day that was I meant to photograph Chloe and Joshua, we were left with lots of wonderful muddy puddles for Chloe to jump in the next day….the upside of rainy days I guess! It was lovely to spend the afternoon with these two kiddos, after photographing Michelle and Ashley’s wedding four years ago and then Chloe when she was one. I must say these are two little siblings who are so like each other and their Daddy.

Kody and Ivy

I really had to work hard with these two (little bit like their cousin)….but once the wagon came out I managed to coax a few smiles! All Kody wanted to do was get back to my house and play in the cubby with Georgia! Such gorgeous kids Eb and Joseph, it was wonderful to meet them and see what lovely children you have produced. It’s a long time since you sat in my classes and time just moves on so quickly!

Erin and Cameron

The wedding day of Erin and Cameron was without a doubt the wettest wedding day of I have ever worked. The rain seriously did not stop bucketing down ALL day….except when it was time for us to finish up and head in to the reception!  They certainly didn’t let that ruin their day though and just took it for what was….their perfect day. It was also very fortunate that as their wedding was an Aussie themed day we had organised the beautiful Perricoota Woolshed for photos, so we were able to escape the weather in there. The poor little ute that Cameron and Erin used as their bridal car wasn’t so lucky though and didn’t handle the slushy driveway very well, which saw the groomsmen having to get out and push them out!! So even though conditions were tricky it was impossible not to capture the love and connection between these two. Thank you for choosing me to do that for you.

Milkshake Madness

This time last year Jo from JRP Photography bought her kids around for a play and we all had milkshakes to drink. Toby and Reese looked so sweet sitting together sipping away…..and a little idea began to grow. We tossed around ideas and thoughts like we often do, but this one really seemed to be taking shape. We also knew that it couldn’t happen that year as we were both too busy so it was put on the back burner….until now. Jo’s clever husband whipped us up an amazing little stand (which we can now use for a wide variety of other gorgeous shoots) and we collected and created a few little things and our shoot was taking shape. The thing that played against us was the timing! We had planned for it to be in the quiet season but it was either too wet, too windy or kids were too sick! So now, here it is October again and smack in the middle of busy season but we did it…..and I am so glad we finally did!!!!

Max, Hugh and Stella

I often get to make the trip down south about once a year to work whilst visiting my family, however this year it wasn’t to be. I was very humbled that Jayde was so eager to have me photograph her family, that she bought them up to me! It worked in well though as she was able to visit her family in Boort! It was a fantastic afternoon, catching up with an old school friend and meeting his lovely family. Such great kids too, who had a great time playing with mine in the dirt hills out the back of our house! Thank you so much for having the faith in me to bring your family all this way Jayde 🙂

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