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Sam and Indy

I had a lovely afternoon with Sam and her little lady Indy. We ran and played, ate lollipops and enjoyed the warm weather….while taking a few photos along the way. I cannot believe how much Indy looks like her Mummy! She will grow up to be a stunner Sam!

Aimee and Shannon

Finally Spring decided to visit us and we were blessed with a gorgeous afternoon for Aimee and Shannon’s beautiful, emotion filled wedding. Aimee was simply stunning in her gown and amazing head piece and I loved that she quickly kicked off her shoes and did most of the photoshoot either barefoot or in thongs! I also loved their wonderful silver, chrysler limo that they cruised all over town in….I’m pretty sure they picked spots for photos in a variety of locations just so they could spend more time in it! I can’t say I blame them! I thank you both for trusting me with your memories and wish you a wonderful life together.


Wedding and Reception: Morrison’s Winery    Bridal Head Piece: Danica Erard Millinery   Limousine: A Touch of Silver

Lachlan, Mikayla and Marlee

I was kept very busy by this little family. Lachlan posed beautifully for his photos….I think so he could get them over and done with so he could go hunting for geckos (of which he caught 7 and then kept them in my little suitcase)! Mikayla loved the camera and danced and pranced in her gorgeous tutu. Marlee however was a different matter…..we coaxed and  played and sang but it was eventually when her Mum put on her beloved pink gumboots that she was happy and we were able to get some snaps! Thank you so much Emma for bringing your family so far to see me, it was a wonderful afternoon!

Chloe and Joshua

After so much rain on the day that was I meant to photograph Chloe and Joshua, we were left with lots of wonderful muddy puddles for Chloe to jump in the next day….the upside of rainy days I guess! It was lovely to spend the afternoon with these two kiddos, after photographing Michelle and Ashley’s wedding four years ago and then Chloe when she was one. I must say these are two little siblings who are so like each other and their Daddy.

Kody and Ivy

I really had to work hard with these two (little bit like their cousin)….but once the wagon came out I managed to coax a few smiles! All Kody wanted to do was get back to my house and play in the cubby with Georgia! Such gorgeous kids Eb and Joseph, it was wonderful to meet them and see what lovely children you have produced. It’s a long time since you sat in my classes and time just moves on so quickly!

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